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Antiques are special because they imbue history and purpose. Each and every item has a story that gives it quirky character. Break free from the same old d├ęcor, and give your home a style as unique as you are. Visit our antique mall today at Past Perfect Too in Lawton, OK.

Our antiques have been passed down for generations. Do you want to be part of their history? Call 580-583-5283 today to learn more about our selection of antiques in Lawton, OK.

5 reasons to decorate your home using antiques

There are several reasons to choose antiques over big-box retail furniture. Choose antique furniture to benefit from:

1. Durability -consider that our antiques have already lasted for decades. Because of their high-quality construction, they'll continue to stand the test of time.
2. Environmental impact -selecting furniture already made can decrease your overall carbon footprint.
3. Mix your design styles -even if you have a modern home, antique furniture can create a very appealing contrast of styles.
4. Versatility -use antique furniture in unexpected ways. A dresser doesn't have to go in the bedroom, for example.
5. Conversation -antiques are always excellent conversation starters in your home.

Discover your perfect piece of furniture at our antique mall in Lawton, OK.